Hi, for those who do not know us yet, we are Pippa & Ian and Murray & Leela the rescue dogs. We are originally from the South West of England and moved to Portugal to embark on our dream of living more simply, away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life. Dragonfly Valley was established by Joe and Nicole a few years ago as a unique glamping holiday destination and we took over from their capable hands in February 2020. We found that, in our little slice of paradise, where we are supported by nature: The water is supplied by a well, which in turn is sustained by the magnificent Rio Zezere, which also offers us with spectacular views. The sun provides us with all our electrical energy and hot water. The trees offer us an abundance of fruits and nuts. We are situated in an old terraced vineyard, which provides us with plenty of juice, wine and eating grapes. With over 100 vines to maintain and harvest we welcome any one who is interested in learning. One day we hope to be able to grow more of our own food but for now we will be aiming to grow vegetables and fresh salads, whilst purchasing anything else we need from local growers, farmers and markets wherever possible  Our days consist of watering the flower gardens, playing with Murray & Leela under the giant apple tree, swimming in the river below us and preparing for and greeting our guests. We hope you will find that we offer a space in which you can enjoy the benefits of an eco-friendly lifestyle whilst relaxing in the gifts that nature has provided in beautiful central Portugal.

You can also watch how our first year in Portugal and first summer season as new owners of Dragonfly Valley went we appeared on Season 6 of UK TV Channel 4's show 'A New Life In The Sun'.